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Attention All New Brokers, Principal Brokers, and Property Managers:

To renew your new license for the first time, you must take the appropriate 27-hour Advanced Practices course and the 3-hour

Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC).

Broker Advanced Practice Providers (No Fee Required)   This continuing education provider offers the Broker Advanced Practices course.
Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision Providers (No Fee Required)  
Complete Continuing Education Provider Roster (No Fee Required)   Continuing Education Provider Roster
LARRC Providers (No Fee Required)   The list of the continuing education providers offer the Law & Required Rule Course.
Online CE Course Providers (No Fee Required)   This roster provides a list of Continuing Education Providers that offer online courses.
Principal Broker Advanced Practices Course (No Fee Required)  
Property Manager Advanced Practice Providers (No Fee Required)  
Active and Inactive Individuals (No Fee Required)   Lists all Active and Inactive individuals licensed with the Oregon Real Estate Agency.
Active Businesses (No Fee Required)   Lists all active business licensed with the Oregon Real Estate Agency.
Recently Licensed Brokers - Principal Brokers and Property Managers (No Fee Required)   Lists all Recently Licensed Brokers, Principal Brokers and Property Managers- First License Date, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip Code and Phone Number of Supervising Organization
Recently Passed Exams (No Fee Required)   Oregon Real Estate Examination Results Without Scores